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LEVALIGN Ultra offers the ideal solution for surface flatness, perpendicularity and levelness, and, with PRÜFTECHNIK's powerful software, even compare two surfaces (e.g. press). With customised report generation and wireless communication, Levalign Ultra is an efficient tool for professionals.

Key features

  • Set user-specific or automatic tolerances.  Freely select any number of reference planes or points.
  • Measure the angles between surfaces
  • LEVALIGN generates customized reports
  • Optional wireless communication between computer and receiver module
  • Powerful PC software, "ALIGNMENT CENTRE" for professional reporting and measurement analysis. 
  • Software functionalities include ability to compare two surfaces; for example, in a press.  The measurement range for large surfaces can also be extended.

Service companies and OEMs will also find this system extremely advantageous. It improves machine running time and productivity. Used in conjunction with ALIGNMENT CENTER, a powerful Windows™ based PRÜFTECHNIK Alignment common software platform, makes it is possible to measure perpendicularity and parallelism of two or more planes. The system is also available as an add-on module to the proven ROTALIGN Ultra system.  Wireless data transmission via the RF module ensures flexible and convenient operation. 


  • Flatness, levelling and perpendicularity - Levelling or measuring flatness of a plane. Using the PC software makes it possible to measure parallelism and perpendicularity of different surfaces 
  • RF module - Wireless data transmission ensures flexible and convenient operation 
  • Variable reference points - Choose the points to set your reference plane
  • Surface location to be welded or grinded - Reference your measurement either to the lowest or highest point
  • Manual or automatic tolerance values - Set your own tolerance value or let the system do it for you 
  • Infinite number of points and surface area with InfiniSplice™ and ALIGNMENT CENTER software - Link one or more measurements. This powerful feature allows you to manage big or very uneven surfaces as well as different laser setups
  • View all readings and information on the large colour display - this includes the coloured tolerance code for each point measured.  The accuracy of the system is 0.02 mm per metre, up to a diameter of 40m.
  • ALIGNMENT CENTER - PRÜFTECHNIK's software supports preparing, analysing, archiving measurement files and printing professional reports.  The user can also measure an infinite number of points over large surfaces using the splice function, as well as compare the surfaces on two different planes. 

ALIGNMENT CENTER exclusive features:

  • Job preparation beforehand
  • Reference line comparison (similar or counterpart)
  • InfiniSplice® for infinite number of points
  • Measurement of parallelism and perpendicularity using group feature
  • Surface levelling with the laser reference
  • Customer defined or automatically evaluated tolerances
  • Professional colour reports in various formats
  • Picture import
  • Company logo

Industrial applications

  • Wind turbines
  • Machine foundations
  • Bed plates and tables
  • Circular and rectangular flanges
  • Machine half casing
  • Crane slewing rings

Precision alignment in three steps

  • Enter Dimensions - Create the grid to be measured using the Set-up wizard.  Customized point properties: position, vertical offset and name​
  • Measure - Just press a key to take a measurement. Several measurements can be taken at a point and consistent ones averaged using the measurement table​
  • Display results - Get and analyze the results. Reference the measurement to the laser plane or to an optimized plane

LEVALIGN laser emitter technical data

Laser  GaAlAs semiconductor laser
Wavelength  670 nm (typical)
Beam diameter  approx. 5 mm
Beam divergence  < 0.2 mrad
Beam power  < 1 mW
Accuracy  < 0.02 mm/m
Measurement range  20 m radius; range has no limit when using InfiniSplice™ from the ALIGNMENT CENTER Flatness application
Laser safety class  Class 2; FDA 21 CFR 1000 and 1040
Safety precautions  Do not look into laser beam
Power supply  9V battery IEC 6LR61 (alkaline or lithium)
Operating time  50 hours continuous depending upon battery type
Temperature range  -5°C to + 50°C (23°F – 122°F)
Weight  approx. 2.8 kg

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