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PENTALIGN is an ideal addition to Prüftechnik's geometrical alignment systems.

Use PENTALIGN for surface parallelism and perpendicularity: to determine ​if two surfaces are parallel or perpendicular to each other, to see if a machining axis is properly perpendicular to the reference plane, or to check if two surfaces of a casing are parallel. With an assortment of brackets and accessories, PENTALIGN is able to suit different applications.

Key features

  • 5-axis fine adjustment base
  • 360° axis rotation
  • Built-in magnets for easy and flexible fixation
  • Optional mounting offset table for adjustment of big offsets
  • Optional 2-axis high accuracy centering sensor
  • Compact and light housing​


With the PENTALIGN the user can determine if:

  • if two surfaces are parallel or perpendicular to each other, 
  • a machining axis is perpendicular to a reference plane 
  • two surfaces of a casing are parallel

PENTALIGN® is a high accuracy rotatable pentaprism. Used in combination with an external laser source it creates a precise perpendicular laser plane to the incident beam. Furthermore the centering sensor enables the accurate adjustment of the pentaprism rotating axis to the reference laser in order to minimise the deviation of the outgoing beam.

The device can be adjusted with high precision on 5 axes: vertical and horizontal offset, vertical, horizontal and axial angle. Its small size and various fixation possibilities such as magnets, tripods, rods and flanges make it the perfect tool to measure perpendicularity between spindle and base plate of drilling machines or ship rudder carrier plans. It can also be used to determine surface parallelism of wind tower segment flanges, gearbox shaft casings, press surfaces and ship propellers.


  • determine surface parallelism of wind tower segment flanges, gearbox shaft, casings, press surfaces, etc.
  • determine perpendicularity of drilling machine base plate to spindle, ship rudder carrier plans or ship propellers 


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