With over 550 employees worldwide, Prüftechnik are world leaders in Condition Based Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing and Laser Alignment solutions across a wide range of industrial applications.

With products, processes and services for condition monitoring and availability optimization, Prüftechnik helps to ensure that your machines run smoothly and generate an output of consistently high quality. This also includes systems for automatic process control and quality assurance that are integrated directly in your production process.


ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower

ROTALIGN Ultra Hyrdopower is an efficient system for plumbness and level - hydro turbines.  

For quick and precise identification of turbine alignment, ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower uses the high-end ROTALIGN Ultra platform and a high precision electronic inclinometer, INCLINEO. 

ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower revolutionises maintenance and operation with guaranteed shortened turbine installation and overhaul time.

  • Quickly determine turbine alignment condition (static plumbness, shaft runout and thrust bearing levelness)
  • Documented and precise, repeatable measurements
  • Reduce human error to minimum
  • Wireless communication
  • Integrated PDF report generator
  • High measurement quality via readings interpolation.

For plumbness and level dedicated to hydro turbines​. Traditional methods to measure the alignment condition of a hydro turbine, although workable and reasonably accurate, are very time- consuming; it may take as long as a week to determine turbine misalignment before overhaul.

ROTALIGN® Ultra Hydropower, the latest application on the Ultra platform, in combination with INCLINEO® the high precision electronic inclinometer, delivers all important alignment parameters: 

  • Shaft static plumbness
  • Shaft runout
  • Thrust bearing levelness
  • Thrust bearing corrections

These allow quick and precise identification of turbine alignment condition. 


  • Quick identification of turbine alignment condition
  • Precise, repeatable and documented measurements
  • Shortened overhaul time
  • Minimized human error impact
  • Wireless communication
  • Integrated PDF reporting capability
  • High measurement quality through readings interpolation
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