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ROTALIGN smart EX is the high-end ATEX/EX laser alignment system to trust under any conditions, and certified for shaft alignment in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The system is fully packed with powerful capabilities. With Concurrent Live Move, only one measurement is required to perform the required machine adjustments: no matter the position of the sensor on the shaft, Live Move enables to concurrently monitor the vertical and horizontal machine corrections live on the screen. This is extremely useful in case of restricted access to predefined shaft positions.

Key Features 

  • Fully certified for potentially explosive areas.
  • Alignment of all types of rotating machines and shafts.
  • Hundreds of positions automatically measured (SWEEP).
  • Pass Mode for convenient alignment of uncoupled shafts.
  • Only one measurement required for full machine adjustments (Concurrent Live Move).
  • Save PDF reports directly to USB memory stick
  • Wireless data transfer using the ATEX/IECEx certified Bluetooth module (optional)

ROTALIGN® smart EX is a high-end laser shaft alignment system designed for the use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The package integrates the OPTALIGN® smart EX computer packed with powerful capabilities and the unique benefits of the 5-axis ROTALIGN® EX sensor measurement technology.  ROTALIGN® smart EX is manufactured for use in hazardous areas in accordance with ATEX and IECEx regulations.

Live Move

The ROTALIGN® measurement technology allows machine corrections to be monitored concurrently in both horizontal and vertical planes with the laser and sensor mounted at any angular position. This capability is extremely useful in case of limited access to predetermined positions. 

Pass measurement mode

The ROTALIGN® EX sensor allows the exceptional and convenient Pass measurement mode, where readings are collected when the laser passes the sensor. This mode is ideal for measurement of uncoupled shafts.


  • Wireless data transfer using the ATEX/IECEx certified EX RF module
  • Alignment of horizontal, vertical and flange-mounted machines
  • Alignment of coupled, uncoupled and nonrotatable shafts
  • Alignment of cardan and spacer shafts 
  • 6-machine train alignment
  • Soft foot check – measure, correct and save results
  • UniBeam for quick adjustment of the single laser beam
  • Measurement modes to suit any application: Continuous SWEEP, Static, Multipoint and Pass mode
  • Automatic evaluation of alignment condition with TolChek® and user-defined tolerances
  • InfiniRange® extends detector measurement range to handle gross misalignment
  • Live Move - Live monitoring of horizontal and vertical corrections concurrently
  • Tolerance envelopes for better machine correction evaluation
  • Fixed feet selection resolves base-bound and bolt-bound problems
  • Alignment targets and thermal growth values including input of dial indicator readings
  • Thermal growth calculator
  • Realistic machine graphics
  • High memory capacity and data protection capability
  • Save measurement reports as PDF to USB memory stick
  • Rigid pre-assembled universal brackets and additional support posts included
  • PC software ALIGNMENT CENTER is used for preparing, analyzing, archiving measurement files and printing professional reports
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