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Commercial Forests

Detect stress conditions for trees

Trees in commercial forests are subject to a variety of stressor conditions. For instance:

  • Insufficient drainage
  • Pathogens
  • Disease
  • Insect infestation
  • Adverse soil conditions

When placed under any type of stress, the thermal profile of trees undergoes a change significant enough to be detected by thermal imaging cameras. This makes Thermography ideal for inspecting commercial forests, as an infrared camera detects temperature differences in either stressed individual trees or areas of trees, when compared to the homogeneous norm.

Until recently, conducting aerial surveys of large areas was cost prohibitive, but with the advent of purpose built UAV technology, a new era has been started in commercial forest management and health.

UAV Thermal Surveys
Utilising UAV's from our partner Sky Eye Innovations, which are designed around the appropriate FLIR camera, aerial surveys of forests can now be conducted both cost effectively, and safely. Problem areas are recorded and geo-tagged for exact location, and can then be investigated at ground level for cause and solution.

Yellotec now provide equipment, software, training, and support to enable users to quickly setup in-house units to conduct and evaluate aerial surveys.

Recent Survey
The images below show a mixed forest (not commercial), surveyed in mid-2015. It should be noted this footage was was taken at low altitude (40m) with a narrow FoV camera. Flying at 100-300m would cover a much larger area, and can use a camera with a wider field of view with a higher resolution.


Older Survey

Taken in 1996 - The lighter area in the enclosed green isotherm was confirmed to be corresponding to a Gypsy moth infested area.