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Gas Leak Detection

Detect dangerous gas leaks safely from the air, in record time

Both Petrochemical and Natural gas processing plants produce gases that are are very poisonous, corrosive, flammable, and explosive. These contaminant gases are often very dangerous for human exposure and therefore, gas pipelines and other infrastructure need to be carefully monitored for leaks.

Traditionally companies use hand-held sniffers to detect gas leaks but these have major drawbacks:

Very time consuming covering large areas
Potentially very unsafe for operators
Leaks are not visible to the operator
Guesswork involved and time lost in the search for the source

UAV mounted Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)
Optical gas imaging cameras from FLIR can visualize and pinpoint gas leaks that are invisible to the naked eye. 

Plants are usually very wide, so with our UAV solutions you are able to scan these large areas very efficiently and also to provide a good overview. They can take you to places that are hard to reach or that would take a lot of effort to go to. Gas processing plants usually have risky areas, such as red zones, but now UAV mounted optical gas imaging cameras can scan these hazardous areas without any risk for human operators.

In addition aerial surveys such as this are not only able to detect even small leaks, but do so some 100 times faster than can be accomplished with hand-held sniffers.

Look at sample videos below and check out our custom Sky Eye OGI UAV solution here