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Solar PV Arrays

Locate faults in arrays of any size without affecting business operations or requiring shutdown.

It is nearly impossible to inspect PV arrays using ground based thermal imaging, because of the difficulty in achieving the correct angle of inspection . UAV’s not only allow correct positioning in respect of the glass surface, but also means covering a much wider area in shorter time. Such inspections have high value both as ongoing maintenance, or as importantly, a commissioning survey after installation.

UAV mounted thermal cameras can detect:

  • Hotspots
  • Internal short circuits
  • Micro cracking
  • Faulty bypass diodes
  • Reverse polarity
  • Complete panel failure
  • Defective Cells
  • Weather damage
  • Defective Cells
  • Identify de-energized systems
  • Internal short circuits


With the ability to survey 1000's of panels in one day, this technology is a major new tool for use by:

Insurers Help locate any potentially damaged panels after severe storms, Help remove the threat of fire on roofs of business, domestic and government buildings and facilities.

Distributors Help locate a bad batch of distributed panels after manufacturing flaws or mistakes.

Electrical Engineers Provide a detailed report from a third party business upon commissioning Solar farm projects. Provide reassurance to clients that solar farms are in good health with an annual quick inspection and report.

Contractors and Maintenance Help remove customer concerns or queries after a install. Provide extra level to health check during maintenance contract.

Manufacturers Learn more about manufacturing processes, locate potential re-occurring issues, provide more credibility and confidence by engaging third party inspection and report.