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N.M.M Innovations Sweden AB, are also known as Sky Eye Innovations; an innovative market leader in unmanned and radio controlled vehicles.

Through their collaboration with Flir Systems and Termisk Systemteknik, the world leaders of thermal imaging hardware and software, Yellotec are able to supply you with full package solutions. Designed to deliver a powerful and far more complete system within the industrial segment than our competitors.

About Sky Eye Innovations

Sense Batch

Go from working for hours and days to seconds.

A better way of working with thermal imagery

Manual processing of thermal imagery is time-consuming. Automating that workflow, even with smaller volumes of imaging and sequences, can save you and your business valuable resources.

  • Normalize your images to use the same temperature unit, apply an isotherm or change palette using a complete set of tools.
  • Quickly switch from light to dark theme depending on your preferences.
  • Edit all in one – thermal fusion alignment, sequence playback segmentation, sketch image replacement, custom palette and more.

Automate tasks
Work more efficiently with Sense Batch thermal images batch processing software and automate a number of tedious tasks; normalize images to use the same temperature unit, apply an isotherm, change palette or find extreme spots and mark them with measurement tools – all in a matter of seconds.

Sense Batch helps you quickly customize and select various data to be included in all your images in one go.

  • measurements
  • image min./max./average
  • isotherm values
  • histogram
  • emissivity
  • compass
  • GPS
  • date and time

Edit all-in-one
A built-in image editor can assist you with:

  • Thermal fusion alignment – respond to alignment problems caused by cameras
  • Sequence playback segmentation – select and export only interesting parts of thermal sequence
  • Sketch image replacement – use your logo in any reporting software out there
  • Custom palette – browse for any palette and use it with your image or sequence

Utilise and share your work
Deploy and manage your work with creating multiple outputs to suit your needs;

  • radiometric images (JPEG) for further processing
  • plain overlay images to share online or with your customers
  • transcoder from radiometric sequence to AVI video file
  • export of radiometric data to CSV
  • extract visual image component from fusion files
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