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N.M.M Innovations Sweden AB, are also known as Sky Eye Innovations; an innovative market leader in unmanned and radio controlled vehicles.

Through their collaboration with Flir Systems and Termisk Systemteknik, the world leaders of thermal imaging hardware and software, Yellotec are able to supply you with full package solutions. Designed to deliver a powerful and far more complete system within the industrial segment than our competitors.

About Sky Eye Innovations

Sense Reporting

A professional tool for fast and versatile report creation.

Maximise your time
Improve your delivery and manage your thermal reporting with clarity and simplicity. Sense Reporting helps you take the tediously manual tasks out of reporting and visualize your data in a matter of seconds.

No MS Office required
Create a report and customize to your organization’s look and feel without additional expensive licenses.

  • Even during report generation, user can edit report manually
  • Asynchronous loading of UI elements
  • Report pages can be generated in batches using different templates for different image groups
  • Switching template is as easy as going step back and choosing different template
  • Four built-in templates for jump-start report generation
  • Integrated templates editor

Smarter editing
Sense Reporting helps you work efficiently with multiple images and plotting functionalities.

  • Profile and histogram plots from multiple thermal images
  • Formula calculation operating on multiple thermal images
  • Plots line measurements from one or more thermal images
  • Renders multiple lines
  • Renders image histogram
  • Renders rectangle measurement histogram(s)
  • Can reference all features of the thermal image

Secure your work
Sense Reporting assists in avoiding mistakes and time-consuming correction work.

  • Thermal cache rebuilds automatically even if accidentally deleted during runtime
  • Source thermal image files are never altered during report generation
  • Lock page items to prevent accidental movement / resize

Make comparisons
Test whether conditions are true or false and make logical comparisons. Sense Reporting allows the use formulas with conditional formatting.

  • Separate expressions for ‘True’ value, ‘False’ value and the condition itself
  • Inherits unique features of the generic formula

Print, share and protect.
Preserve the formatting in your file and save your work as a PDF or XPS file directly from within Sense Reporting. The PDF and XPS file formats are easy ways to save and view your report and enables file sharing with your colleges and decision makers. 


Your thermal data in one automated report

Generate 100 pages in under 15 seconds

Fully customizable templates and reports

Dynamic styles
Different templates for different image groups

Profile plot
Renders multiple lines, measurements from multiple images

Histogram plot
Multiple lines from multiple images 

Conditional formula 
Separate expressions for 'True' value, 'False' value and the condition itself

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