​H.VIR is the revolutionary observation window developed by SOREM, the first global manufacturer of patented observation windows intended for preventive maintenance using thermal image.

The H.VIR® has become the only IR certified transparent interface that allows one to visualize on camera the temperature variations within a switch board cabinet without opening it nor without switching off the electricity supply.

About HVIR


The H.VIR® door is particularly suitable for the following applications:

  • High voltage protective cells (visualization of connection cable heads, circuit breakers, fuses and fuse holder).
  • High-low-voltage processors: terminal box ...
  • Low voltage distribution (400V) General circuit breaker (distribution-bar connectors and crimping connectivity cables), low voltage departures plug drawers ...
  • Electric motors (medium and low voltage except ADF): terminal box, engine manifolds DC, rings asynchronous motors.

In the standard model H.VIR® window meets the normal use of electrical cabinets and transformers, which are:

  • Exposure temperatures between - 40 ° C + 70 ° C.
  • Maximum differential pressure 1.2 bar.

It is designed for internal and external functioning under conditions of standard environment. The cap must be screwed onto the frame outside the inspection sequences.

The range currently comprises 3 families portholes:

  • The H.VIR®, standard application window for LV and HV. 

  • The 85 H.VIR kind EXR ®, Application in explosive atmospheres, mines and surface facilities. 

  • The H.VIS Electric Eye® exclusively visible application or in its version Honeycomb for IR in the LV area only.
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