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Gill Sensors & Controls Limited is a leading UK based manufacturer of innovative sensors used in Construction, Agriculture, Motorsport, Defence, Marine and Material Handling industries.

Certified to ISO 9001:2008, Gill provides both standard and custom electronic products to some of the most recognised brands in the world.

Founded in 1988, the Gill Group is formed of four companies, Gill Instruments, Gill Sensors & Controls, Gill Research & Development and Labcal. The Group designs, manufactures and tests industrial measurement and control instruments, which are used worldwide in performance demanding industries including meteorology, motorsport, marine and defence. Gill has a strong reputation for the innovation, quality and reliability of its instruments.

About Gill Sensors & Controls

1599 Oil Debris Sensor

Ferrous particle contamination in oil is a major cause of failure in hydraulic and lubrication systems. It is also a very early indicator of excessive component wear or failure.

The Gill Oil Debris Sensor Kit attracts and retains the ferrous particles using a strong internal magnet. Not only does it remove the debris from the oil flow but it can differentiate and detect the type of contamination and the quantity. With two output channels for fine (wear) and coarse (failure) particles the sensor is able to continuously indicate the cleanliness of the oil and provide the earliest possible indication of component deterioration. 

Simple to install as a replacement sump plug, it has a high temperature operation and can play a pivotal role in helping to maintain plant and equipment availability and reduce unplanned downtime. 

  • Measures both coarse and fine debris
  • Easy swap-out with sump plug
  • Removes ferrous debris from oil flow
  • Continuously monitors in real-time
  • Earliest warning of problems developing  
  • Does not require any special training               


Oil CM Sensor

Ind Oil CM Sensor

Oil Debris Sensor


4212a 1.jpg

4212b 1.jpg


2 measurement parameters



4 measurement parameters 
Optional channel


Removes ferrous debris from oil flow

Measure fine wear particles

Measure coarse abnormal wear particles

Monitoring continuously in real-time

Water in oil Monitoring


Additional channel for Temp or oil loss


Easy swap sump plug



Local Indication Display



Output: 4-20mA, 0-10V, CAN


Output: Fine (2.25-4.25V) & Coarse (0.5-4.25V)



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