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Revolutionary Drone Thermal Software by Skye Eye - Sense Software

Skye Eye launched their Sense Software Suite, designed to utilize your thermal camera, drone and thermal data to its full potential. 

Sense Software provides powerful and extensive solutions; designed to streamline and facilitate the whole thermal data process – from collecting to managing and analyzing the data.



Products Include:

  • Sense Collect – Thermal Camera Controller software gives you unique remote control of your high end thermal sensors via radiolink.  
    • View thermal image on the ground on the radio controller
    • Full control over drone gimbal for camera positioning
    • Remote / manual focus
    • Change temperature range
    • Start and stop HSM mode
    • Change false colour pallets
    • Start & stop recordings (radiometric data recording in FLiR .seq file)
    • Start & stop temperature measurement functions
  • Sense Reporting – The IR reporting software will create professional inspection reports instantly, intuitive and based on pre-created reporting templates the software contains all necessary and more functions to fully manipulate radiometric thermal data.
  • Sense Batch – The batch processing software automates the time-consuming analysis and refinement of thermal data streams containing thousands of images.
  • Sense Display – The image viewer is an easy way to inspect your collected data obtained with Sense Collect and convert your files to .seq
  • Sense Camera Detect – The camera detector will help you to detect UVC-enabled (USB-connected) cameras as well as display radiometric and visual streams



Outstanding features:

  • Enables the use of professional thermal cameras on drones…no compromises on resolution, speed and sensitivity and temperature ranges – it puts the thermal camera you use on the ground in the air – immediately...
  • Support of high end thermal sensor cameras, including FLIR GasFindIR, FLIR A-xx Series and FLIR T-xx Series;
  • Unique camera controller software that allows you to remotely control the drone, but the thermal camera as well, including palettes, temperature range, and radiometric data on video;
  • Allows you to manage the drone and thermal camera at greater distances than before;


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