With over 550 employees worldwide, Prüftechnik are world leaders in Condition Based Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing and Laser Alignment solutions across a wide range of industrial applications.

With products, processes and services for condition monitoring and availability optimization, Prüftechnik helps to ensure that your machines run smoothly and generate an output of consistently high quality. This also includes systems for automatic process control and quality assurance that are integrated directly in your production process.



The versatile ROTALIGN Ultra iS best-of-breed system handles alignment on all rotating machine types quickly and accurately, improving overall efficiency. Coupled with the ALIGNMENT CENTER software, it gives the edge in analys reports and measurement files archiving.

Practical ROTALIGN Ultra iS  features:

  • IntelliSWEEP for best measurement results
  • Live Move for quick, one-step machine adjustments
  • Modular system for easy configuration with expert modules like Vibration Acceptance Check, Live Trend, RFID machine identification, and geometric measurements.  
  • Bluetooth module for wireless freedom. 
  • Generate PDF reports directly to USB 

The versatile ROTALIGN Ultra iS system features explained:

IntelliSWEEP offers best measurement results under all conditions, using various quality factors like vibration/backlash, which filter out poor quality measurement points.

Live Move allows one-step machine adjustments, via simultaneous monitoring of vertical/horizontal corrections, with sensor at any angular position on shaft. This is indispensable with restricted access to predetermined shaft positions.

The modular system easily configures with expert modules like Vibration Acceptance Check, Live Trend for the monitoring of thermal growth, simultaneous multi-coupling measurement, RFID machine identification, and geometric measurements. Includes class1 Bluetooth module. PDF reports generated directly to USB.  ALIGNMENT CENTER software can be used for preparing, analysing, archiving measurement files and printing reports.

Rotalign product benefits summary

  • IntelliSWEEP: measure numerous positions, automatic evaluation of measurement quality, filtering of measurement points.
  • IntelliPASS mode: Conveniently align uncoupled shafts.
  • One-step machine corrections: simultaneously monitor machine corrections in vertical/horizontal directions at any sensor position (Live Move).
  • InfiniRange manages any amount of misalignment, incl extra-large detector.
  • Vibration Acceptance Check and LiveTrend are expert modules for the monitoring of thermal growth (optional).
  • Bluetooth module integrated: no accessories required.
  • Measurement reports convert to PDF direct to USB, no PC required
  • Optional expert modules for more alignment applications. See 'Additional Information' below.
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